KR-400 Mini copper wire granulation machine

KR-400 Mini Copper Wire Granulation Machine

KR-400 Mini copper wire granulation machine is in compact structure and it includes Crusher, Dust collector and air separator.The corollary equipment includes two sets of vibration screen and one set of water cooling system.

Technical Features of KR-400 Mini Copper Wire Granulation Machine

1. High recovery rate
2. Lower power consumption
3. Low space taken
4. Easy to operate
5. Low noise

Introduction of KR-400 Mini Copper Wire Granulation Machine

KR400 Crusher
The blades’ structure is designed to chop copper wires, it can chop the wires with lower blades damage, the chopped granules are in uniform and the cutting section of the granules is flat and smooth then it will guarantee the separation performance of the air separator. Also, the crusher has material striker plate to prevent material jumping out during the process.
Dust collector
The dust collector has two sets of draught fan, one connects the crusher and the other one connects air separator. It can effectively suck the dust during the whole process.
Air separator
The air separator includes three main parts, as downside blower, vibration bed and the above dust collection system.The working principle of the air separator is through the wind which is generated by downside blower to blow up the plastic but not copper granules and lead the plastic to move to plastic outlet by the air flow guiding device, then start shaking the vibration bed, the copper will move forward to copper outlet.
Vibration screen
Some of the cables are connected with contactors and Jacky plugs, those components are made of brass and plastic, the crushed brass granules will come along with outlet copper granules.Also, some small copper circuits will be effected by the air pressure and mixed with outlet plastic.The copper outlet vibration screen is used to separate the brass from the copper granules.And the plastic outlet vibration screen is used to separate the small copper granules from the plastic.
Water cooling system
The water cooling system is used to cool the main body of the crusher to prevent smelting the plastic during the pulverization.
We use international standard to make the cabinet, all of the electric appliances are guaranteed from famous original Chinese brand CHNT (

Working Principle Of KR-400 Mini Copper Wire Granulation Machine

1st Feed the material into crusher to pulverize the material into 2-3mm granules
2nd The material will drop to the air separator
3rd By vibration and high press wind the air separator can separate the copper granules from the plastic.

Technical Parameters of KR-400 Mini Copper Wire Granulation Machine

KR-400 Mini
Motor Power

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