KR600S Copper Wire Granulation Machine

KR600 serial copper wire granulation machine is the star product which we developed for copper wire recycling project. According to the years of feedback of the real production from the experienced customers, we continuously upgrade and modify the KR600S serial of copper wire granulation machine.

Now the KR600S copper wire granulation machine we are selling is our 4th generation product, it has compact structure, highly working efficiency, stale working performance, variety of corollary equipment.etc,

Scrap Cable Can Be Processed

House lighting wires, Ethernet(Cat 5/6) cables, heavy-duty cable(single core), heavy industrial cables, telecom cables, single core aluminum cables.etc

Copper Wire Granulator performance

Processing capacity300-500kg/h (It will change when process different material)
Recovery rateOver 98% (It is based on the thickness of cables)
Purity of the finish productsOver 99.8%

Copper Wire Recycling Process

Copper Wire Recycling Process

1st Feed the material into crusher to pulverize the material into 3-4mm granules.
2nd The material will be carried into air separator by belt conveyor and our belt conveyor is equipped with suspended magnet to separate the iron scraps.
3rd By vibration and high press wind the air separator can separate the copper granules from the plastic.

We also equip two sets vibration screen to re-separate the outlet material to achieve better products. For example:
If the raw material is mixed with jack plugs and the plugs are made of brass and plastic, during the pulverization, the brass will mix with copper circuits. Through the vibration screen we could separate the brass from the pure copper circuits to achieve a higher purity copper.
If the raw material is mixed with thin cables, during the air separation, the small copper circuits will be effected by the high pressure wind and then mix with the outlet plastic.
By using the vibration screen, we could separate the thin copper circuits from the plastic to achieve a better recovery rate and higher purity outlet plastic.

Technical Features Of Copper Wire Granulator

Technical Features Of Copper Wire Granulator
inlet hopper of granulator

The inlet hopper of the crusher is designed with striker plate and feeder is equipped with thick PVC curtain to prevent material jumping out.

blades of granulator

The structure of the blades is specialized in cutting copper cables, the cutting face of the crushed cables is smooth and over 99% of the crushed copper granules are in uniform size.

blades of granulator

We provide two kinds of the blades for customer to select.The first kind of blades is made of low alloyed tool steel(material:9CrSi) and it is widely used in making the tool blades.The second kind of blades is made of special alloyed tool steel(material:Cr12MoV) and it is specially used in making cold punching mold and tool.This kinds of blades is called SKD11.

outlet hopper of granulator

The outlet hopper of the crusher is designed in removable type, which is easy to open to change or clean the crusher sieve.

iron remover of granulator

The Belt conveyor which is used to carry the crushed material into air separator is equipped with suspend type iron remover.

iron remover of granulator

The air pressure of the air separator and the frequency of the vibration bed can be adjusted to process different material.

iron remover of granulator

All of the electric appliance are from original Chinese famous brand CHNT and we could also customize the electric appliance to meet custom’s requirement.

iron remover of granulator

The vibration device of the vibration bed of the air separator is using eccentric shaft and it is more stable than eccentric gear.

iron remover of granulator

On the above of the air separator, there are three independent air draft channels, and each channel is equipped with air valves. According the dust content of the material to adjust the valves, then we can achieve a good dust cleaning performance.

Technical Parameters of Granulator

Feeding Capacity
Cable Diameter Range
380V/3 phase/ 50/60Hz(Can be customized)
L:3900mm; W:1900mm; H:2300mm

Working Video

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Q&A of Scrap Cable Granulator

Q: How many equipment does KR600 copper wire granulation machine include?
A: Our standard configuration of KR600 copper wire granulation machine includes one set of the main machine, two sets of vibration screen, one piece of spare crusher sieve and one set of spare crusher blades.

Q: How to maintain the machine regularly?
A: 2.1 When the separation performance becomes bad(plastic comes from the outlet copper) then we have to sharpen the crusher blades.
2.2 Clean the dust screen of the air separator once per day.
2.3 Fill the grace to the crusher gear boxes twice per shift(8 hours as one shift)

Q: What is material of the crusher blades? How many tons of the raw material can be processed before sharpening the blades?
A:The 9CrSi material blades can process around 10-15 tons of the cables before sharpening, and the Cr12MoV material blades can process around 20-25 tons of the cables.

Q: Do you have the machine with capacity less than 300kg/h?
A: According to the details of the raw material which is provided by our customers, most of the material is mixed cables. The smaller size crusher(The effect cutting length is less than 500mm) is not able to process the multiple core cables with size over 6mm and single core cables with size over 4mm efficiently. Compare to the small size machine, KR600 type copper wire granulation machine can process most kinds of the cables in the market and it has stronger structure and the working performance is more stable and efficiency.

Q: Is it complicated to install the machine?
A: Our KR600 type copper wire granulation machine is impact type no need installation.We provide customer the operation instruction along with the machine, also we can guide the worker to adjust the machine on line.

Our Services

Pre sale service:
1. We can recommend the proper proposal accordingly to meet customer’s request then help customer to choose the proper equipment.
2. Provide the detailed technical parameter of each equipment.
3. Free technical advice.
4. Introduce the relative equipment.

On-purchase service:
1. Report customer the working condition of the order regularly.
2. Pack the machine in export standard.
3. Notice the shipping date in advance.

After sales service
1.Installation&operation: We will guide the user to install the machine on line and help the user to adjust the machine when user changes the raw material. We will inquire user to learn the working condition of the machine regularly and give advice till the user totally know the machine.
2.Warranty: 100% brand new when leaving the factory. we guarantee quality of the machines for a period of one year from the date of a trial run to the finish, but not to exceed thirteen months from the date of which machines away to the delivery port. If any parts (excluding easily damaging parts) are found defective in quality in the first year, the seller should replace free-of-cost. After one year, parts can be replaced on favorable payment basis.
3.Long time free technical support.

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